13. June 2015 – Pfäffikon SZ, Switzerland

How sounds may enhance a sense of place, help us orientating in the space, and create new meaning to the urban surrounding?

Tune- in is a sound work that was placed in the center Staldenbach, in the frame of the final Master degree exhibition “Punktlandung” in lachen & Pfäffikon sz. The interest of exploring with this work the broad variety of listening representing the body’s response to acoustic components of place and space and ways in which listening is space-and place-specific. Sounds are already and always inherent to a situation, but are we actually listening? How do we listen- or tune sounds out? How does our body react to sound and how does our body hear? I believe it is our sense of hearing that assists us in experiencing and navigating through urban spaces, and that even an unwelcoming and foreign settings can turn into a more familiar when combined with a particular set of sounds.