Unter neuen Bäumen

3. September 2014 – KKL Luzern, Switzerland
A work from Ximena Gomez Della Valle and Rebekka Friedli

A farmhouse on the Schällenmatt in Kriens served the painter Robert Zünd in 1863 as template for the painting  “Haus unter Nussbäumen”. Following the footsteps of his work , we found again the old house and were impressed by the idyllic atmosphere that surrounds this place. The Schällenmatt has witnessed great changes in the past 150 years and has gradually become an island surrounded by new buildings and industries.

For the work  “Unter neuen Bäumen” we approached this place with audiovisual media, keeping the special atmosphere. We tried to give a modern response to Robert Zünd ‘s painting and provided a link to the past . Similar to the painter himself , we took the liberty to make our own composition of the place and their characters . Consciously we let the confrontation with the modern surroundings of Schällenmatt influenced our work and questioned with this the idyll of this place.